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The first trilogy featuring the gay, promiscuous, alcholic painter, Francis Bacon has been completed with Moon Over Tangier. The novels have been nominated for Lambda Awards, and Prisoner of the Riviera received the prize. They are all available from in print or as downloads.

Firescover prisonercover moonovercover

The second volume of the new trilogy, featuring the young Francis Bacon, is coming out. Afternoons in Paris, from, picks up where Nights in Berlin left off. Francis, fresh from excitements in Weimar Berlin with his lecherous con man of an uncle, is studying design in the City of Light.

The Twenties are still roaring and Paris is full of Americans and British enjoying the favorable exchange rates and the ongoing party. Francis enjoys himself until he is accidently entanged with homicidal Russian emigrees. He hides first with a cultivated French family and then with an avant guarde theater troupe, but as per usual, trouble follows him and it takes all his own savoir faire plus a hand from his disreputable but ingenius uncle to keep his head above water.

The first trilogy and Nights in Berlin have now appeared in audio book! All four stories are read by Paul Andsdell.

In the second novel, Afternoons in Paris, now in production, Francis turns up in the City of Light, where an avant guarde theater troupe and some murderous Russian exiles keep him on the run. The trilogy will end with Mornings in London.

A novel close to my heart has finally see print. Homeward Dove, a contemporary novel with strong mystery elements, comes out in early April from Wildside. ( Set in the old mill towns and farm country of eastern CT, it is a story about a crime and its complicated aftermath.